Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jenny and Johnny - First Listen

Jenny and Johnny, aka Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice, are getting ready to release their first duet album together titled, " I'm Having Fun Now ". Yesterday NPR Music has begun to stream the album in it's entirety and I have been listening non-stop! The record sounds totally awesome. A perfect marriage of the two performers, awesome melodies, perfect harmonies, catchy pop tunes without the fake smiles and noxious auto-tuning. My only complaint about the record is that it is being released on the last day of August - the end of summer - when it has all the things anyone could ask for in a fun-loving-good-time-rock n'roll-summer-time album. I guess I better hope the rock n' roll groundhog climbs out of his hole only to be frightened by his shadow and grant us 6 more weeks of Summer thus 6 more weeks of Summer-time tunes.....or something like that....

Listen HERE
I can't stop listening to THIS song!


  1. The look like models instead of singers :) Cute song too.

  2. Thank you for this great review about the music. I have been trying to find something more summer like and this could be it. I love the rocker feel that they are going for.

    from LOLA Smith @Online PhD UK