Friday, March 26, 2010


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It's a Dave Downey Doppelgänger :: megan
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I think she looks like I right?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Be Still My Blogging Heart

I came across this blog on the internet today and perused it for for over an hour (which is a long time when you are sitting in your office and are supposed to be cranking out Excel spreadsheets and what-not).
But anyways, this blog, it's amazing. It's about a couple of friends who live in Seattle and frequent yard-sales, estate sales, rummage sales etc. Browsing their blog pages was like tip-toeing through a junker's paradise.
Here are some true treasures they posted that made me giggle out loud:

I'm so stoked that warmer months are upon us and with those a plethora of land park junk sales!!!!!

Shameless... I know

A website that I am very Unbiased towards wrote a review for the new She & Him album, Volume II. You should probably read it HERE

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I need it!!!!!!!!

Will someone please buy this for me? Pleeeeeeeeeeease?!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Can't Hardly Wait!!!!!

Dear Mexico,
I would like to dedicate this song to you.

See you on Saturday!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

II more weeks!!!!!!!!

Two more weeks until Volume II comes out!!!
This little gem was released on Pitchfork today though!

In the Sun

(Northern) California Dreamin'

This is the scene that accompanied me home as I drove back to Sacramento from Stockton on Sunday.





It was awesome.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's the Final Countdown....duhnuhnuhnuh....

This is my calendar at my desk at work. Note the red countdown numbers:

This is because after reading the title of this post you will have this song stuck in your head:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

'She Wears the Clothes of an Emperor'

Since Ted and I went to Anthropologie the weekend of my birthday, I haven't been able to get the shop out of my head. The clothes are absolutely beautiful, everything is lined in soft silky fabrics and the details are above-par to say the least.
The clothes from here have become a recent obsession of mine and this obsession has completely thwarted my attempts to save money and/or pay off my credit cards.
I have always dabbled a little in the Anthro way of life but never allowed myself in too deep for fear I would drown in the abundance of organic silk dresses and piles of credit card bills.
I was discussing my current obsession with my tangible voice of reason, AKA Lory gil, and she brought up to me a brilliant idea. She said to me, "Kort," (thats what she calls me when we have serious talks about things like my frivolous spending), "I think you could totally make that stuff."
At first I gufawwed at the idea that my feeble hands could create such wearable masterpieces but she really got me thinking.
The wheels started turning and I got my crafty butt in gear. I currently have two separate Anthro-inspired projects in the works and am very excited about both.
Here are a few photos of some inspiration pieces...

Here's one I actually purchased...

Stay tuned for photos of completed said projects...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hand-Made Cards are an Awesome Gift!

I stumbled across an etsy store called Cornerstone LAE Designs the other day that had the most amazing hand-made cards. The cards have an intricate layering that is stunning and new designs arrive regularly. I was so impressed that I ordered a couple of them right away. The cards range between $5 and $7 (some go higher) plus $1.65 shipping, remarkably cheap when you see the detailed craftsmanship of these cards. After ordering the two items, the seller, Leisha, refunded the shipping for one of the cards since they were shipped together. When my package arrived, I was
pleasantly surprised to receive a third card for free and a thank you note. Now, that is what I call business relations! Leisha will custom-design a card for you with just about any image you want (she once made a card of a chair with a bunch of bowls on it), and with any phrase your heart desires at no additional charge, you just have to "convo" her (as the Etsy jargon goes.
Instead of spending your precious dough on crappy Hallmark sentiments, try ordering hand-made works of art.
Leisha has recently opened a sister shop on Etsy to sell just her paper designs called Paper Compositions.
Here is a link to Leisha’s many card designs on flicker

Monday, March 1, 2010

Party Over Here!

Our birthday celebration with the Amazing Matt Silver was a success. First, we had a delicious lunch at Burgers & Brew in Sacramento. There were 12 of us in all, which they couldn’t accommodate inside, so we had to dine out on the patio. Luck was on our side, though. The sun managed to break through for the entire time we were there.
After gorging ourselves on meat from heaven, we headed to our friends’ house. Mike and Taryn were gracious enough to let a bunch of us hang out and eat their food, which was phenomenal. Taryn is an amazing baker. She has made some of the most extraordinary cakes I have ever put in my mouth. Matt’s cake was some kind of Italian wonder that I can’t remember the name of (Kortnee, do you remember?) that was had with a mouse-type filling with almonds, a very moist yellow cake that may have been soaked in rum and a chocolate ganache as the frosting. It was amazing.
As an added bonus, Taryn made home-made cheese crackers that were so good, I nearly sent myself to the hospital for stuffing so many in my face. According to Matt, and I'm paraphrasing here, they tasted like a combination of Cheese Nips and the sacrificing of a cheese baby.
The main reason to hole up at Taryn & Mike’s humble mansion was to play a board game that Matt was itching to play called, Arkham Horror. It turns out, that game is pretty f-ing fun. It took about six hours to finish the game, including the hour it took to learn how to play. In the end, we actually won against the main bad guy, which is supposedly near-impossible to do. Matt thinks we played it wrong and that is the only reason we were able to beat it.
All in all, it was an awesome time and I’m glad we were able to spend the day nerding it up with our dear friend Matt.

Summer's Coming

Today is March 1st and with the tease of sun-shiny days and warmer weather, one can't help but day dream about warm Sacramento air paired with an ice-cold river and even colder beers.
I cannot wait to pull on my cut-off Levi's and head down to the river.

Dear Summer,
Please hurry. I can't hardly wait.