Thursday, March 25, 2010

Be Still My Blogging Heart

I came across this blog on the internet today and perused it for for over an hour (which is a long time when you are sitting in your office and are supposed to be cranking out Excel spreadsheets and what-not).
But anyways, this blog, it's amazing. It's about a couple of friends who live in Seattle and frequent yard-sales, estate sales, rummage sales etc. Browsing their blog pages was like tip-toeing through a junker's paradise.
Here are some true treasures they posted that made me giggle out loud:

I'm so stoked that warmer months are upon us and with those a plethora of land park junk sales!!!!!


  1. I could totally use those bacon containers!!!

  2. What is the blog? You didn't link to it. :\

  3. OOPS!!!!!