Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice

Happy first day of summer everyone!
I had an adorable little kick-off for the summer season.
As you all know, today is Monday, which means back to work, which means grumpy morning.
But as I left the house this morning I saw a little hummingbird darting around the front yard. Last night I hung up a little hummingbird feeder my dad had given me and and jumped in my car to give him some privacy and see if the little guy would partake in the sweet feast before him.
Instead of heading for the feeder, the little guy bee-lined towards an old Halloween decoration hanging on the porch that has the honor of staying up all year-round. Right on top of one of the hanging wooden spiders was perched a tiny little nest with two little baby hummingbird heads sticking out. It was so effing cute that I couldn't help but squeal from sheer enjoyment from inside my Buick LaSabre.
Ted went out and snapped a shot of the babies. He scared one of them and it flew away to hide but the other sat and and posed for the camera!

So anyways, Happy Summer Solstice friends and here's to a season full of river swims, cold beers and backyard bbq's!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

[Rec] 2 -- So 'cited!

I remember watching the first "Rec" at Lory and Craig's house about a year-and-a-half ago and screaming and jumping and hiding my face in my shirt. It had all the things a good horror movie should have. It was scary, creepy, fun, exciting, there were zombies and monster/demon type things, tense "left for dead" type scenes, lots of blood, flesh eatting, killing.... just an all around good time. ;)
You can imagine my excitement when my good friend Tom sent me an email invite to a pre-release screening in L.A. at his fancy-shmancy film school. Unfortunately the screening is in L.A. ...... On a Tuesday night. I thought pretty long an hard about going - even went so far to price last minute plane tickets - but the cost of getting there and back didn't quite equate to the savings of a free screening.
So for now I'll just have to wait and satisfy my craving for blood, guts, demons and disease ridden zombies with the minute and 17 second trailer...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bright Faces

Bright Faces had their very first show on Saturday and what a great first show it was!
Even though the evening was hot and humid, the masses were out and about to see and be seen for Sacramento's 2nd Saturday "Art Walk".
The dudes played at Barber's Shop Automotive which is a garage that specializes in repairing Alfa Romeo's and Vespa scooters. It was pretty funny how they were set up under a couple of lifted cars.
For those of you who missed it (coughcoughMATT.CHARLEScoughcoughSTINE.JEFF) Lorygil shot a little video of their show. They are playing a 2nd show at Old Ironsides on S Street June 25th.

Hope y'All had a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

MC Chris + BBQs = Summer Fun Time. Begin!

The same fun-filled weekend that Ms. Kortnee blogged of our summer start-off: complete with BBQ and swimming, I attended a delightful show at Slims in San Francisco. My purpose: to see the raddest nerd-rapper in the world, MC Chris. Along for the ride was MC Lars, who is also a well-know nerd-rapper (his song Download This Song is a big hit). I’m pretty sure that MC Chris has only defaulted to a higher level of fame due to the fact that he did voice-over work for Cartoon Network. Really, they are both in the same league when it comes to recognition. But MC Lars has nothing on MC Chris, mainly because the latter is cuter. He’s like your best friend’s younger brother that you secretly have a crush on but won’t tell anyone because you’d get ridiculed by everyone in your class. MC Chris is cuter than ever, now. He grew a fuzzy little beard. Now he looks like a freaking leprechaun. Get in my pocket little rapper!
Having never seen MC Lars and only knowing a few songs, I didn’t have a lot of expectations of his set. I was pleasantly surprised and found myself liking his performance. His songs are not as outright funny as MC Chris, but the content is the same. No, I take that back, MC Lars represents nerd culture a lot more than MC Chris does. The funny thing is that, while MC Chris sounds and looks like a true-blooded nerd, MC Lars looks like one of those guys who calls themselves a nerd, even though they would probably have beat up the nerds in high school. So, who really knows.

MC Chris pleased the crowd with a T-Shirt contest. Apparently, he has been doing this throughout his tour. Dozens of people jumped on stage to show off their nerdiest shirt. I was on my way up with my Admiral Ackbar, “It’s a (Finger) Trap” shirt, but before I could hoist myself up onto the stage, I noticed another girl with the same shirt (I was mortified). Turns out, that shirt already one at a previous show and she was disqualified anyway. Thank you for your clever, clever t-shirts.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jenny and Johnny

I have a little place in my heart for all things "Jenny Lewis" and her latest project with her BF Johnathan Rice, I'm sure, will be no exception. I have been scouring the internets for some sort of sample/demo/teaser for their new album titled "I'm Having Fun Now" but have so far been un-successful. All I've seen so far is a couple of tour dates, a homepage for a website and now this album art!

Don't get me wrong, I'll take what I can get but
I want more! I need more!

Also, Jenny and Johnny are opening for Belle and Sebastian in Hollywood on October 3rd and Ted and I scored ourselves a couple of tickets! I hope our little rock n' roll hearts can handle all the awesomeness!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Kick-Off!

Spent an amazing weekend with good buds in the Bay Area. Kayaked in the Bay, BBQ'd by the pool, drank Negra Modelos, watched National Lampoons Vacation (which led to hours of singing Lindsay Buckingham's "Holiday Rooooooooooooooad!"), cruised around the city, ate some amazing Tapas, scored a new pair of sunglasses and ate Bi-Rite ice-cream. We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather or better company. Summer has officially begun and I am so stoked for more weekend adventures!
Also, I got a Fuji Instax camera last week in the mail - here are a couple of photos from Cha Cha Cha on Haight Street as well as a snap-shot of Lory and Craig in a funny face-hole board thingy. He's a taco and she's a french fries...those crazy kids!!!!