Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice

Happy first day of summer everyone!
I had an adorable little kick-off for the summer season.
As you all know, today is Monday, which means back to work, which means grumpy morning.
But as I left the house this morning I saw a little hummingbird darting around the front yard. Last night I hung up a little hummingbird feeder my dad had given me and and jumped in my car to give him some privacy and see if the little guy would partake in the sweet feast before him.
Instead of heading for the feeder, the little guy bee-lined towards an old Halloween decoration hanging on the porch that has the honor of staying up all year-round. Right on top of one of the hanging wooden spiders was perched a tiny little nest with two little baby hummingbird heads sticking out. It was so effing cute that I couldn't help but squeal from sheer enjoyment from inside my Buick LaSabre.
Ted went out and snapped a shot of the babies. He scared one of them and it flew away to hide but the other sat and and posed for the camera!

So anyways, Happy Summer Solstice friends and here's to a season full of river swims, cold beers and backyard bbq's!

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