Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ode to the Farmer's Market

You know it is summer time when you can find a farmer’s market every day of the week. My friend Candice hits the Freemont Park market on Tuesdays. I work in Downtown Sacramento, so I hit the Cesar Chavez market on Wednesdays and the Westfield Shopping Center market on Thursdays. There is a huge one at W and 8th on Sundays that is open all year long, but I have yet to battle that strawberry field. Saturdays, there is a nice little farmer’s market in Del Paso Heights that I’ve heard is good, but that is only if you aren’t already up early to go yard sale shopping. OK, so I guess Mondays and Fridays are off the plate, but you get the point.
This week, I picked up some Rainer cherries for Kortnee, since she is a big fan of the sweet/tart little gems. I also found some golden rod squash, eight-ball zucchini, and flying saucer squash. I added red potatoes and purple onions to my stash and grabbed a half-flat of strawberries for the 4th Of July party this Sunday (I’ll be making my famous Strawberry Shortcake). Farmer’s markets are the best way to eat, all summer long.

I love you summer. I love your damn stupid face.


  1. Oh Snap! The Kaiser Hospital on Morse Ave hosts a farmer's market every Friday through the Summer from 9-1!

  2. them's work hours. BACK TO WORK BARNETT!