Thursday, July 22, 2010

Etsy Strikes Again

While wasting away hours of my time on Etsy, I came across an adorable store called Do-Rah Designs. This store specializes in handcrafted purses, satchels and bags. I myself am not a purveyor of such womanly novelties, but what did catch my eye was a reusable lunch tote. Now, I’ve already got a cute little reusable lunch bag, complete with a lovable panda bear, al-la Hello Kitty style. The problem with mine is the size. I can pretty much only fit a sandwich, a baggie of chips and a package of instant oatmeal. That’s it, nothing more. So, whenever I try to bring something interesting for lunch, or if I want something like a banana, I’ve got no room! I have to put the additional food items in my purse. Since I ride my bike to work, that can be a problem. I’ve actually lost parts of my lunch along the Sacramento River bike path, true story.

So, when I came across the handmade lunch totes from Do-Rah Designs, I was ecstatic. I found the perfect sized lunch bag, and it is adorable to boot! I bought it right away. The lunch totes are $18, but well worth the cost. They are sturdy and well-

Do-Rah Designs is based in Elk Grove, so I’m buying local as well! Now, I’ll no longer be forced to decide which parcel of food to stuff into my tiny sack. I’ll no longer have to hide my sweet treats at the bottom of my purse, risking the possibility of either getting chocolate all over my wallet, or lipstick all over my pastry. My new and super-cute lunch tote is big enough to fit it all. But it is still small enough to look like a lunch bag.

If you are interested in a handmade, reusable lunch bag that will make you the envy of all your craft loving co-workers, check out Do-Rah Designs on Etsy.

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