Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BAD ASS (Literally)

So the former Miss Argentina and mother of two died due to complications while getting butt implants. BUTT IMPLANTS!!!!

Are you kidding me?!
This is why I don't understand the whole plastic surgery phenomena that's happening right now. People are voluntarily putting themselves at risk and having their bodies cut open and stuffed full of god-knows-what in order to appear younger? More endowed?
Curvier? More attractive?

To this I say "Bullshit!"
The whole thing is gross and weird and vane and un-natural.

You want a bigger ass?

...Have a donut - trust me - it works.

(photos by doe.c.doe - doecdoe.blogspot.com)


  1. I want my ass to look like a doughnut! I also want my boobs to look like seven-layer dip. Is that weird?