Wednesday, December 23, 2009


As you know, Lory and myself are a couple of old ladies at heart who enjoy yarn crafts, sewing and baking cookies. (That is, when we aren't busy shredding our guitars, beating our drums and living the rock n' roll lifestyle.)
Well, previously un-beknownst to me, there is a whole genre of music that combines the two. It's like the happy medium between Clark Kent and Superman, the "and" in Dr. Jeckle AND Mr. Hyde.

Jaz found this YouTube phenom, sent it to me and I'm pretty sure changed my life.

Lory, we need to re-light the proverbial fire under Apocalypse Meow's lazy butts, write some crafty songs and befriend this woman. She might be the coolest thing in a puffy painted sweatshirt since Jerry Blank.

Merry Christmas friends! Enjoy!


  1. Oh my god I love this song! Work through the pain!! Oh, I know the pain!