Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cupcake Competition

My dearest friend and cohort in crafts, Kortnee, recently stumbled upon a delectable recipe for a peanut butter cupcake that is to-die-for. After tasting her concoction for the first time, I gobbled up every morsel in site, and promptly became overwhelmed with envy at her mouth-watering treasure. I guess I'm a bit competitive when it comes to baking. So I made my own.

I thought, "I'll add this and that and oh, mine are going to be so much better than hers!" I set to work. I found a recipe on and added a few things to it. I decided to go with a semi-sweet ganache instead of the traditional frosting. The smells in the kitchen were tantalizing.

On first bite, I knew Kortnee had won. While my version is certainly edible, it just doesn't hold a candle to her scrumptious sweets. Mine came out beautiful in looks, but were a little on the dry side, and the semi-sweet topping lacked the refreshing sweetness that comes from milk chocolate butter cream.

Kortnee, you won this round, but I'll be back. I'll never rest until my cupcakes are at least as good as yours.