Thursday, April 1, 2010


It's April 1st y'all and you know what that means.....pretty flowers, blue skies, sun dresses and ...... Spring time Allergies!!!!

Growing up in the central valley I have been no stranger to the sniffy nose and itchy ears, the swollen throat and watery eyes. My dad says I get it from my mom but I blame it entirely on being a product of my environment. All that pollen and "fresh air" couldn't have been good for the developing lungs of a young KB. To say that I am "Allergic to the World" would be a blatant understatement and to say that it almost kills me is not too far from the truth.

Come the Spring equinox, Ted and I are popping Claritin like a couple of crack heads and going through Kleenex like nobody's business. About this time every year is when I also see a Nurse Practitioner to have my Albuterol puffer refilled.
Spring time is definitely a season of allergy-related rituals in our house and last year we introduced to our routine something new to us - but apparently ancient to the world- The Netie Pot. It's been used in India for centuries for nasal irrigation as part of a practice of Yoga. The basic gist is, you pour warm saline into one nostril and and it pushes all your extra mucus and nose nastiness out the other. It's great!
I will admit that it took a little getting used to - when Ted and I first tried it out we could barely keep from spraying that snotty saline all over the bathroom mirror from laughing so hard. (Proper use of the neti pot puts you in a far from glamorous position, and shoots snot and water and mucus right out of your face)

But now that we have it down pact, we have come to embrace our little plastic neti pot soldier in the on-going battle with allergy season. In fact Lt. Neti Pot, I would like to stand beside you and together we can give allergy season a very noble two-finger salute.

Now my friends, for your viewing pleasure: The best neti pot tutorial video in the WORLD. Enjoy!

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