Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All-You-Can Anything; Turns Out, it's Pretty Rad

Until recently, I had never heard of “all-you-can-eat” sushi. When I did learn about it, it kinda sounded awful. I mean, most all-you-can-eat style restaurants are mediocre, at best. Add raw fish to the equation and I’m thinking about stinky not-so-fresh fish and crusty Wasabi. I reluctantly agreed to this dangerous adventure with my Apoc. Meow cohort, Kortnee, and our friends Anna Joy and Norah. AJ had recommended a place in West Sacramento called Raku, so off we went.
I'm not dead, so you know the fish was fresh. But it was more than fresh, it was wonderful! For a mere sixteen bucks, you get all the sushi rolls, hand rolls, Nigiri, Chicken Katzu and Edemame your fat face can eat.

And, boy did we eat! No less than 14 rolls, 4 pieces of Nigiri, all of the above mentioned appetizers, plus mini-doughnuts and sesame rolls. We showed that fish the business end of our mouths and all of it was delicious.
What’s next on the all-you-can-eat menu? Chocolate Truffles? Cristal?

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  1. sushi and donuts? Why would you want to come to Santa Rosa for sushi when there's SUSHI AND DONUTS there?