Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birthday Weekend

I'm back at work today after an amazing weekend spent with some very amazing friends. (And believe me, getting up this morning to come back was no easy feat)
We had a little party at my house Saturday night which included a house full of party guests, a spread full of delicious little treats, a freaking present table and a beautiful home-made cake. (Thanks Taryn!)
Yesterday, my real birthday-day, was a blast as well. Ted and I did so much stuff!
We had dim sum in the morning, drove out along the river road to take photos with my new Diana+F camera, stopped at the Bogle winery for wine tasting, made a batch of chocolate chip cookies, had dinner at our favorite cheesy Western-themed Steakhouse where we dined on Sirloin and lobster, had Lory, Craig, Roach and TimTim over to share a rum cake that roach made me along with a couple of bottles of wine and finished off the night with a quick game of scrabble and an episode of "This American Life."
I had a perfect weekend, perfect birthday and perfect people in my life.
Thanks dudes! Here's to being 27.

Photos and stuff still to come...

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