Thursday, February 11, 2010

Reliving my Youth

Some people go to Star Wars conventions, some people go to comic book conventions, some people go to tech conventions. Me? Well, in addition to the above-mentioned nerd-fests, I’ll be attending a punk rock convention. That’s right, for the past five years, the artistically unassuming town of Austin Texas has been infiltrated with the dregs of the world for a weekend of blast beats and guitar shredding Japanese guys, otherwise known as, Chaos in Tejas.
My BF, Craig, and I have discussed making the trip a few times, but we always put it off until it was too late and tickets were sold out. This time, no hesitation, I reserved a room, called in a favor for some “frequent-flier” tickets and snatched up a five show pass.
Bands come from all over the world for this little shindig. This year, Bastard will be in attendance. They traveled all the way from Japan, and from the late 1980s in a sense. They broke up back then and have not played together since. Another Japanese great, Crow, will play as well. The band X, from Australia (no, not the exponentially more famous L.A. band, X), will be headlining one of the main shows. The Subhumans, from the U.K. will be making a spit-stop. Bands from Spain, the Netherlands and Sweden are also on the schedule.
There are 57 bands confirmed so far. Last year, shows took place in bars, on bridges, in basements and on boats. Music plays all night in one form or another. It is going to be one punk rock weekend. Anyone who says I’ve gone suburbanite can eat my poop!

I'll let you know how much fun I had when I get back. If I get back.

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  1. There used to be something like this for heavy metal in New Jersey in Asbury Park... I don't know if it's still around but it sounds like fun, which I'm sure you'll have